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Full access via app

All the shower functions can also be conveniently controlled via app. This can also be used to easily adjust the water temperature and manage service notifications as well as your user profile.

LCC surface refinement and no flushing rim

Thanks to the rimless shape and LCC refinement of the ceramic surface, Cleanet Navia is visibly clean and hygienic and can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Powerful yet gentle shower spray up to 3.5 l/min

Thanks to the full, broad stream of water, Cleanet Navia cleans quickly, gently and thoroughly. Only an adequate stream of water feels pleasant and ensures comfort and cleanliness.

Hygienic and exchangeable nozzle and cover ring

The nozzle of the Cleanet Navia is rinsed thoroughly before and after use, is safely concealed in the cover ring when not in use, and can be easily replaced or cleaned whenever necessary.

Informative LED indicator light

The discreet LED indicator light on the underside of the Cleanet Navia reliably informs the user when the integral descaling function should be started.

Pre-mounted, concealed LAUFEN assembly system

Effortless, time-saving installation of Cleanet Navia thanks to the proven, safe, pre-mounted installation system.

Removable WC seat and cover with lowering system

The robust, durable WC seat closes softly and gently and can be easily removed for thorough cleaning of the seat and ceramics.

Integrated sound insulation

Sound insulation is already integrated in the Cleanet Navia. This reduces the amount of noise from usage and functions, transmitted through the wall into neighbouring rooms. This system meets the extended sound insulation requirements of SIA 181 and DIN 4109 and has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Lady shower

If the Lady shower is selected via the controller or the app, the jet position adjusts, using reduced water volume and soft jet intensity. The Lady shower cleans the female intimate area particularly gently and carefully, using a pleasantly warm, soft water jet. The intensity, position, temperature, type and duration can be selected.



Shower toilet, rimless, washdown, with LCC ceramic surface refinement


Shower toilet, rimless, washdown, with LCC ceramic surface refinement for external 19.5 cm water inlet

Subject to technical changes

  • Rated voltage 220 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz

  • Power consumption in use max. 1150 W

  • Protection rating IPX4 • Protection class I

  • Direct connection via NYM cable possible

  • Operating temperature range from +5 to +40°C

  • Water flow pressure range from 0.1 to 1 MPa

  • Flow rate max. 3.5 l/min
    Lady shower ca. 2,5 l/min

  • Shower 7 pressure levels

  • Shower 7 temperature levels via app

  • Drinking water standards EN 1717

  • Matches Laufen LIS and conventional installation systems, see compatibility list